tim shepheard


Tim Shepheard (b 1967) grew up in a small Victorian town, Napoleons, where his artistic passion for creating artwork, in many forms, took seed. A move to Sydney in the 1990’s and traveling around the world exposed Tim to the clearer and brighter lights of the cities and their associated culture. These bright colors juxtaposed with the muted colors of the countryside gave way to new ideas and change to express his art. combining the ever changing  scope of colors of the sea, city and countryside with elements of these fast moving cities produced a fresh style.

While in Sydney Tim undertook professional training at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), completing the Theatre Crafts Associate Diploma in 2001. With This qualification, Tim walked straight into the film industry, starting on Season 4 of the TV Si-Fi series “Farscape”. This was followed other Films, TV and theatre productions. “Charlotte’s Web”, “Star Wars Episode III”, “Killers In Eden”, “Rogue”, “Farscape - The Peacekeepers Wars”, “There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake”, working in various areas such as the The Jum Henson Creature Workshop, Art, Props and Costume departments. Since 2006 Tim has been working as a Senior Fabricator on the world wide hit “Walking With Dinosaurs - an Arena Spectacular” , “How To Train Your Dragon - Area Spectacular” , “KING KONG - theatre production”, the Mascots for the Sochi (Russia) Winter Olympics 2014 and has recently toured with the highly popular show “Walking With Dinosaurs - Arena Spectacular”, which toured Canada, North America over a 10 months, finishing in Australia in 2015.

It is the merger of Tim’s eye for the practical detail in Theatre Crafts, together with his perception of visual imagery, that has lead his artwork to evolve a unique style that is an important part of the broader image.

Tim began exhibiting professionally in 2000, though had painted, sculpted and drawn for many years before. Since 2000 he has exhibited successfully in a number of exhibitions throughout Australia.

Relocating back to his home town, Napoleons, near Ballarat, in 2004, Tim began his biggest project to date. With the practical knowledge obtained in his film career and his eye for detail, he began designing and building his own home to reflect his artistic tastes and design influences. After 2 years of design and 3 years of building (during weekends only), his project was finally complete , producing a relaxed space where creative ideas can grow and artwork born into reality.

Tim Shepheard is continuing his success, both locally and internationally, having sold work to America, Canada, Singapore and also throughout Australia.